VOLUME 3, 1980

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Comments on the Third Annual Applied Geography Conferences

J. W. Frazier and B. J. Epstein, Pages: 1-3


Recreation Policy Analysis in Wilderness Management: A Case study of the Quetico-Superior

George L. Peterson and David W. Lime, Pages: 4-13


Factors Affecting the Geographic Distribution of Mortgage Loans in Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Mark J. Salling and Thomas E. Bier, Pages: 14-27


Analysis of Affordability of Housing in Nigeria: Application and Methods

Lata Chatterjee, Pages: 28-39


Real Estate Development and the Office Location Decision

Brian P. Holly and John L. Cadigan, Pages: 40-49


Regional Shopping Center Issues in the 80s

Howard L. Green and David L. Hunton, Pages: 50-56


Visit and Trade-Area Characteristics of a Unique Restaurant

Gail A. Klein, Pages: 57-64


The Dialogue between the Ordnance Survey and Its Map Users

Gerald McGrath, Pages: 65-78


Application of Directed Graph Modeling Procedures to Land Use Analysis

George F. Hepner, Pages 79-87


Sting High Voltage Transmission Lines in Urban Areas

Ralph Kingery and David James, Pages: 88-97


Irrigation in Southwestern Georgia: Agricultural Land Use Change in the Coastal Plain

Robert R. Myers, Pages: 98-105


Environmental Impact Assessment of Proposed High-Speed Rail Passenger Lines through Major Corridors

Sharon M. Thomas, Pages: 106-113


Land Use Policy: The Conflict of Federal vs. State Control of Public Lands

John F. Lounsbury and Paul W. Taylor, Pages: 114-126


The Regulation of Surface Mining on American Indian Lands: Some Key Policy Issues

Douglas Richardson, Pages: 127-141


Estimating Rural and Agricultural Water Use in North Florida

Robert L. Clay and John L. Shoemyer, Pages: 142-151


Urban Water Supply Planning and Conservation

Duane D. Baumann and John J. Boland, Pages: 152-160


Current Issues in Water Resources Planning

Marvin Waterstone, Pages: 161-172


Geomorphology and Archaeology in Southwest Sulawesi, Indonesia

Michael J. Day, Pages: 173-184


Induced Sinkholes: An Engineering Problem in Carbonate Terranes

J. G. Newton, Pages: 185-194


The Significance of Tunnel Erosion to Archaeology

William I. Woods, Pages: 195-204


Water Resource Utilization in the Western Ghats: A Case of Misdirected Development

Cornelius J. Losser, Pages: 205-211


Forest Planning and Spatial Ecological Analysis in the Middle Atlas (Morocco)

Michel Phipps, Pages: 212-221


Re-Use of Former Port Terminal Land in Central Cities on the Great Lakes

Harold M. Mayer, Pages: 222-239


Planning Issues Facing the Port of Baltimore

John T. Starr, Pages: 240-247


Railroad Rationalization in the 1980s: Trends and Choices

Curtis W. Richards, Pages: 248-258


Geographic Analysis of Market Opportunities in Occupational Health Screening

Spencer A. Joyner, Pages: 259-269


Residential Needs of the Deinstitutionalized Mentally Ill

Christopher J. Smith, Pages: 270-285


Medical Deprivation and Area Deprivation: The Case of Phoenix 1960-1970

Rena J. Gordon and Larry K. Stephenson, Pages 286-297


The Applied Geographer as Instructor: Teaching Census-Related Skills in the Classroom

Les Solomon, Pages: 298-302


Selected Applications of Census Data in Socioeconomic Research

Pamela Bergmann, Pages: 303-311