VOLUME 7, 1984

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A Land Evaluation System: Design and Applications in Canada

B. Smit, D. Bond, and M. Brkiacich, Pages: 1-9


The Role of Strategic Planning in Land Use Decision-Making Policy in Selected Arizona Communities

C. M. Daughterty, Pages: 10-25


Land Use and Mineral Rights Mapping Series at the University of Alabama

D. C. Weaver and N. C. Lineback, Pages: 26-37


New Directions in Technological Hazards Research 

A. Kirby and G. Jacob, Pages: 38-44


Government Policy Regarding the Disposal and Utilization of the Public Domain in Eastern Bolivia

R. Henkel, Pages: 45-54



C. L. Smith, Pages: 55-64


War Games as Future Geography

J. W. Miller, Jr., Pages: 65-68


Land Use Policy and Flood Hazard Mitigation in the Development of Eastern New Orlean

M. L. Johnson and R. A. Sauder, Pages: 69-79


Recreational Specialization and Management Attitudes: A Study of Anglers on the Upper Credit River, Southern Ontario

R. D. Kreutzwiser, Pages: 80-89


A Geographical Comparison of Water Development Funding and Electorate Response in Texas

F. A. Schoolmaster and B. C. Yates, Pages: 90-100


Settlement Structure and Its Effect on Models of Ridersharing

R. L. Mitchelson and J. S. Fisher, Pages: 101-113


Towards a Regional Approach to Radiological Emergency Response Planning

J. H. Johnson, Jr., Pages: 114-122


The Adequacy of Physician Services: A Simple Model and Some Policy Suggestions

M. Budin, Pages: 123-134


The Utilization of North Carolina General Hospitals: A Geographic Analysis

M. J. Patetta, Pages: 135- 151


Measuring Levels of Rural Regional Development in Southwest Michigan

R. N. Thomas and L. M. Sommers, Pages: 152-161


Itermodalism and the American Metropolis

H. M. Mayer, Pages: 162-167


Interdisciplinary Trends in Water Resource Management

J. H. Butler, Pages: 168-174


Recreational Behavior in Coastal Environments: Variations in Cottaging in Different Physical Settings

G. Wall and M. Costanza, Pages: 175-185


Using SAS to Teach Spatial Data Processing and Computer Cartography

G. B. Meehan, Pages: 186-195


Canada’s Federal Policy on Land Use: Philosophy and History

L. C. Munn, Pages: 196-212


The Role of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists in Wetlands Policy Development

N. Patterson, Pages: 213-220


Locational Modeling for a Spatial Monopolist

M. J. Doucet and K. G. Jones, Pages: 221-228


Trends in Business Aviation since Airline Deregulation in the United States of America: The Cases of Conoco Aviation Department and Falk Corporation

M. C. Eidt and D. Winters, Pages: 229-235


The Geographic Structure of Tourism Travel in Texas

D. R. Fesenmaier and C. S. Van Doren, Pages: 236-245


Hydrological Implications of Agricultural Land Drainage

M. J. Bardecki and D. r. Banting, Pages: 246-257


Local Participation in the Delineation of Geographic Areas for the 1990 Census 

A. Winterfeid, Pages: 258-268