Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences

Volume 8

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Table of Contents

Groundwater Management Reform in Oklahoma: The Farmerís Verdict

S.L. Gros, Pages: 1-11


Application of Decision Theory to Cropping Patterns in Kansas

K.M. Mcgregor, Pages: 12-18


Agricultural Policies and Wetlands Management/

G.A. Tobin, Pages: 19-29


Would an effective Cropland Retirement Program Threaten Rural Communities? Some Preliminary Results

R.S. Roberts and M.E. Lewis, Pages: 30-41


Agricultural Export Demand and Farm Policies: Implications for Soil Loss in the U.S..

G.M. Berardi, Pages: 42-56


Precipitation Regime and National Soil Loss

J.M. Harlin, Pages: 57-64


Estimating Erosion Rates and Sediment Yields on Drastically Disturbed Lands

R.D. Mandel, C.J. Sorenson, and D.W. Jackson, Pages: 65-74


Water Resource Management, Water Rights Adjudication, and the Stacy Reservoir Decision: No Place but Texas

O.W. Templer, Pages: 75-84


A Survey of water Planning Practices on U.S. Army Fixed Installations

J.F. Langowski, Jr., Pages: 85-98


Conducting Groundwater Pollution Investigation as a Community Project: feasibility and Usefulness

L.S. Raymond, Jr., Pages: 99-108


Hydrologic Modeling through Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems

S.J. Walsh and M.S. Gregory, Pages: 109-116


Remote Sensing Techniques for Identifying Regional Agrohydrologic Parameters

M.D. Nellis, Pages: 117-124


Planning for Resource Development: The Saskatchewan Coal Case Study

R. McKechnie, Pages: 125-139


Information Integration: On the Use of Information Produced by Geographic Information Systems

S.E. Ozanich and R.S. Roberts, Pages: 140-148


Applications of Computer Mapping to Environmental Impact Assessment

B.E. Montz, Pages: 149-158


Surface Mining Reclamation: The Climatic Component of OSM Regulations

J.E. Oliver, Pages: 159-169


Tornado and Population Distribution in Arkansas

J.G. Hehr and J.R. Baldwin, Pages: 170-175


Implications of Locational Conflict Concerning Nuclear Waste Disposal Facility Siting

F.M. Shelley and G.T. Murauskas, Pages: 176-181


Transportation of Nuclear Waste: Complications of Siting A Nuclear Waste Repository

G. Jacob and A. Kirby, Pages: 182-189


How Many Backyards? Estimating Population at Risk from Moving and Handling Hazardous Materials

E.L. Hillsman and P.R. Coleman, Pages: 190-193


Emergency Response to Oil and Gas Distribution Facility Disruption

J.H. Sorensen, Pages: 194-199


Cancer Mortality, Cartography, and Public Policy

H.W. Bullamore, Pages: 200-206


Assault and Deviations from Mean Temperatures: An Inter-Year Comparison in Dallas

S.J. Stadler and K.D. Harries, Pages: 207-215


Climatological Forecasts of Criminal Behavior: Cross-Sectional Time-Series Analysis

J. Rotton, Pages: 216-222


Modelling Outdoor Recreation Participation at the Facility: State Park Boating in Ohio

C.W. Young, Pages: 223-233


Public Subsidy of Local Development: Beggaring Thyself or Thy Neighbor

A.J. Krmenec, Pages: 234-245


Scale, Scope and Key Sector Identification

R.W. Jackson, Pages: 246-257


Retail Coverage and Market Equilibrium: The Case of Food Stores in Albuquerque, New Mexico

B.T. Cullen and L. Spear, Pages: 258-272


Emerging Urban Land Use Patterns in the Arid Southwest: Example of Laughlin, Nevada

J.F. Lounsbury and L.M. Sommers, Pages: 273-282


Land Use Problems in the Southwest: Discussion

S. Visser, Pages: 283-285


Land Use Change around the Dallas/Ft. Worth Regional Airport: 1973-1984

R.W. Young and F. A. Schoolmaster, Pages: 286-297


Policy Implications of Non-Indian Population Growth on Indian Land and Resources in Arizona

R. Henkel, Pages: 298-306


A Geographerís Perception of Land Use Planning in Arizonaís Native American Reservations

G.A. Van Otten, Pages: 307-312


The Cultural Impacts of Urban Pressures on Indian Lands: A Fort McDowell Cast Study

D.G. Winchell, Pages: 313-319


A Regional Approach to Population-Resource Imbalance in Rural Africa: A Case Study of Kajiado District, Kenya

D.J. Campbell, Pages: 320-332


Changing Patterns of Foodstuff Importation in West Africa, 1960-1980

D.E. Vermeer, Pages: 333-343


Intermodalism, Deregulation, and the North American Land Bridge

H.M. Mayer, Pages: 344-350


Midwest Airport Industrial Parks: The Example of Wisconsin

R.C. Eidt, Pages: 351-360