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The Ninth Annual Applied Geography Conference

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Planning Regions for Regional Planning in Jordanís 1986-1990 Plan

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An Application of a Location-Allocation Model to Evaluate and Improve Geographic Accessibility of Vocational Training Centers in Jordan

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Land-Use Change Data Applied to Agricultural Zoning: A Case Study of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

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Use of Information Systems in the Formulation of Land Use Policy

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Drought Assessment through Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer Satellite Data

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Remote Sensing for Monitoring Water Demand in Western Kansas

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Protecting Instream Flow and Estuarine Quality: Continuing Legal Problems in Texas

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Establishing Geomorphic Criteria for Michiganís Sand Dune Protection and Management Act

W.R. Buckler, Pages: 73-84


Geographic Foundations of a General Plan

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A Geographic Approach to Comprehensive Planning: San Juan County, New Mexico A Case Study

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Documenting Historical Hazardous Wastes: Problems and Prospects in Illinois

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The Perception of Health Risk and Opposition to Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility Siting: Implications fo Hazardous Waste Management and Policy from Survey Research

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Climatic Change and Recreation Resources: The Future of Ontario Wetlands?

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Applied Tourism Geography: Some Examples

L.S. Mitchell, Pages: 132-142


The Potential of Tourism as a Factor in Ohioís Economic Future

R.V. Smith, Pages: 143-153


Managerial Implications of Some Recent Trends in the Family Camping Industry

R.L. Janiskee and P.E. Lovingood, Pages: 154-160


Physiciansí Specialties and Medical Trade Areas: An Application of Central Place Theory

M.W. Smith, Pages: 161-172


Current Policy Issues in Great Lakes Shipping

H.M. Mayer, Pages: 173-181


The Role of U.S. Private Airports in the Air Transport System: Examples from the State of Wisconsin

R.C. Eidt, Pages: 182-188


Local Public Policy and Private Development Initiative in Transit Station Area Planning

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Transportation Operating Agency Interfaces within the Joint Deployment Community

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Contingency Military Traffic Related Moves

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Elimination of Transportation Alternatives in the M-55 Rocket Disposal Program

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Application of the ORNL National Highway Network Data Base to Military and Civilian Transportation Operations Planning

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A Terrain Modeling Methodology for Use in Aircraft and Surface-to-Air Missile Encounter Models

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Terrain and the Effectiveness of Guerrillas

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The Changing Geography of Communist Insurgency in the Philippines

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A Hybrid Artificial Intelligence/Image Processing Approach for Military Geographic Information Extraction

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(AIMS) A System for the Analog/Digital Processing of Multi-Sensor Data

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Feature Extraction from Remotely Sensed Images: The Theory and Application of Low Level Segmentation Techniques

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A Suggested Framework for Change Detection Systems Based on Imagery Understanding

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Rock-Type Discrimination in Arid Regions: An Application of Some Image Processing Algorithms

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Applications of Modern Quantitative Methods to Problem Solving in the Retail Business Environment

S.D. Sampson, Pages: 307-312