VOLUME 10, 1987


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Application of a GIS Benchmarking and Workload Estimation Model

M. F. Goodchild, Pages: 1-6


The Symbolic, Synthetic, Software Map

M. D. Condon and P. D. Lampru, Jr., Pages: 7-13


Application of Geographic Information Systems for Urban Infrastructure

J. M. Young, Pages: 14-22


Potential Applications of the Area Resource File (ARF): A Medical Geographic Information System

P. E. Mihlmester and Colleen Goodman, Pages: 23-31


A Rule-Based Advisory System for Ground Water Quality Assessment at Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites

M. P. Armstrong, Pages: 32-38


The Role of the Land Supply Information System in Urban Land Management

G. P. Hepner, Pages: 39-42


Computer Mapping vs. GIS: Implications for Applied Geography

D. J. Cowen, Pages: 43-51


Transferring GIS Technology to Community Decision makers

G. Weber, Pages: 52-61


Land Development Decisions Based on Integrating the San Juan County Comprehensive Plan and Computer Mapping System

W. J. Gribb and R. J. Czerniak, Pages: 62-68


Microcomputer Based Rural Addressing in New Mexico

R. J. Czerniak, W. J. Gribb, and J. A. Harrington, Jr., Pages: 69-75


Micro-Based Landsat TM Data Processing for Tall-Grass Prairie Monitoring in the Konza Natural Area, Kansas

M. D. Nellis and J. M. Briggs, Pages: 76-80


Thoroughfare Mapping System Development and Transfer: The Case of San Marcos, Texas

R. Rudnicki, Pages: 81-88


Connecting the Dots: Linking Customer Spotting to Spatial Analysis

A.W. Dakan, Pages: 89-97


The Commercialization of Technological Innovations: Spatial and Other Correlates of Success

M. A. Brown, S. A. Sneil, and N. G. Buss, Pages: 98-104


The Status of Computerized Gravity Models in Forecasting Retail Sales

J. A. Puffer, Pages: 105-111


The Relationship between Interstate highway Interchange Design and Nearby Commercial Development

H. E. Moon, Jr., Pages: 112-118


The Use of GPS Data in an Advanced Railroad Electronics System

S. R. Ditmeyer, Pages: 119-123


Lessons Learned from Routing Military Convoys

B.Peterson and S. M. Chin, Pages: 124-129


Analogies in the Changing Route Structures of Rail, Air, and Maritime Transportation

H. M. Mayer, Pages: 130-137


Geographical Impacts of the World’s Largest Airshow at Oahkosh, Wisconsin (Experimental Aircraft Assocation)

R. C. Eidt, Pages: 138-143


Railroad Rationalization in the 1980’s: A Second Look

C.Richards, Pages: 144-150


Estimating Land Use Change Using Iterative Proportional Fitting

R. P. Sechrist and J. W. Vuckovich, Pages: 151-158


Economic Development and Land Use Planning for the San Lucy District of the Tohono O’odham Nation

G. A. Van Otten, Pages: 159-164


Local and Regional Implications of Manufacturing Divestments and Relocations in Southwest Michigan: The Case of Benton harbor, Michigan

R. S. Hurst and M. Lang, Pages: 165-172


The Pima Road Syndrome: Cultural Perception as a Factor in Regional Land Planning

D.M. Hallock, Pages: 173-180


The Diffusion of Oral Rehydration Therapy and Obstacles to Its Acceptance in Cochabamba, Bolivia

C. Well, Pages: 181-188


The Dis-Benefits of Institutionalizing Rehabilitation Practices through Government Agencies

A.G. McLellan, Pages: 189-192


Changes in a Rural Mining Community and Consequences on the Delivery of Health Care: The Case of Ajo, Arizona

J. R. Beeler, Pages: 193-199


Geomorphic Principles and new Landscape Design Criteria: Some Experience from the Western United States

T. J. Toy, Pages: 200-209


1936 Land Use Inventory of the Mescalero Apache Reservation: Prospectus for Modern Land Uses

M. L. Henderson, Pages: 210-217


The Dynamics of Government and citizen Interaction in Resource management and Planning for Gravel Mining in Yolo County, California

K. Summ and A. Terenzi, Pages: 218-223


Ecological, Design, and Cost Considerations for Landscape Rehabilitation in Urbanizing Regions

R. S. Dorney, Pages: 224-227


Economic Development in the Absence of Federal Funds

A.L. Bell, Pages: 229-239


The Role of Geography in Regional Development Policy: Variations in Approach between Africa and Europe

L. W. Sommers, Pages: 240-251


The Recovery of Residential Real Estate Values in Linda and Olivehurst, California

G. A. Tobin, Pages: 252-258


The Public Access Question: A Continuing Void in Texas Water Policy

O. W. Templer, Pages: 259-267


Changing Water Use Patterns in the Texas High Plains, 1980-1984

F.A. Schoolmaster, Pages: 268-278


Groundwater Policy in Iowa: Policy Options and Constraints

D.R. Lighhall and R. S. Roberts, Pages: 279-287


Management Strategies for Agricultural Drainage Wells in Iowa

G. A. Tobin, Pages: 288-296


Environmental Impacts and Site Constraints of Mountain Resort Development

H. D. Stillwell, Pages: 297-305


Retail Adjustment to Recreation-Retirement Development in Central Texas

C.M. Davidson, Pages: 306-313


Changes in Recreational Practices and Needs: Camping in Ohio

R. V. Smith and C. W Young, Pages: 314-320


A User Profile of Julian Price Memorial Park Campground

P. E. Lovingood, Jr. and L. S. Mitchell, Pages: 321-329


Regional Variations in Canadian Travel Philosophies and Motivations

S. L. J. Smith, Pages: 330-338


The Evolution of a Condominium Campground in the North Carolina Mountains

P. Shea, Pages: 339-344


Using the UNIX-Enhanced PC Environment for GIS Processing in the National Parks

H. Fleet, Pages: 345-350


New Possibilities for Obtaining Numerical Data from Aerial Photography

G. C. Gustafson, Pages: 351-354


Using Video Digitized Imagery to Correlate Surface Albedo and Antecedent Precipitation with Dust Storm Frequency

R. Lougeay, Pages: 355-359


A New Approach for Teaching and Evaluating Map-Reading Skills

W. P. Mockovak, Pages: 360-367


A Basic Needs Analysis of Navajo Energy development

D.G. Winchell and R. J. Becker, Pages: 368-376