Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences

Volume 11



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Table of Contents


Evolution of a Trade Area: Predicting New Sites with a Space-Time Perspective

A.William Dakan, pages 1-9


Design and Implementation of a Groundwater Quality Advisory System

Marc P. Armstrong and David A. Bennett pages 10-16


General Land Office Resurveys: A Methodology for Determining Long-Term Shoreland Recession Rates

William R. Buckler pages 17-26


A Recreational Impact Analysis for the Proposed Brooke Army Medical Center Replacement Facility

F. Andrew Schoolmaster pages 27-33


Applied Microanalysis of Golf Course Environments

Stephen J. Stadler and Michael A. Simone pages 34-42


Flood Mitigation Along a Southwestern Arroyo, 1978-1988

Jerry E. Mueller pages 43-55


Survey Research Among Third World Mothers: Bolivian Puzzle Pieces

Connie Well pages 56-60


A Field-Based Health Information system: A Case of a Native American Indian Reservation

Barbara G. Jaquay pages 61-66


The Impact of Certificate of Need Regulation on Nursing Home Availability in Connecticut 

Ellen K. Cromley pages 67-74


The Use of Oral Histories in Geographical Research

Marilyn Little pages 75-79


Expert Systems for Decision Support in Environmental Management in Less- Industrialized Regions: Needs, Constraints, and Prospects

Chandra S. Balachandran and Eugene Tettey –Fio pages 80-84


Estimating Diurnal Variation of Resident Populations

Jeffrey M. Young and James F. Scholl pages 85-93


Planning for the Control of Nonprofit Pollution

Samuel F. Atkinson pages 94- 104


Morphologic Response of Flood –Control Channel Works: Can it be Predicted?

Harun Rasid pages 105-117


The Role of Geoforensic Experts in Marine Boundary Delimitation: The Case of the Lake Pointchartain Basin

Ernest S. Easterly III, 118-124


The Legal Landscape: One View of the Terrain

Michaek S. Talbett, Ph.D., J.D. pages 125-130


Internships in Applied Geographic Education: A Critical Assessment

Michelle Behr and Andrew J. Krmenec pages 131-139


A Theory of Revolutionary War

Patrick O’Sullivan pages 140-145


Temporal and Regional Variations in the Optimal Size of Sawmills: AN Application of the Survival Principle

Bradley T. Cullen pages 146-158


Using Stepwise Regression to Explain Variations in Interchange

Henry E. Moon, Jr. pages 158-164


Microcomputer Exploitation of Digital Terrain Data

MAJ Clark Ray pages 165-169


Some Geographic Implications of United States Merchant Marine

H. M. Mayer pages 170-174


911 Emergency Services Mapping : An Example of Applied Cartography

B. F. Richason III pages 175-182