Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences

Volume 12



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Table of Contents


Geographic Information Systems and Market Research

Michael F. Goodchild, pages:  1-8


Chain Image and Supermarket Choice: A Disaggregate Analysis of Grocery Shopping In Gainesville, Florida

A.Stewart Fotheringham and Raymond Trew, pages:  9-15


Estimating Attendance and Handle for Greyhound Parimutuel Facilities: The Case of Wisconsin License Applications

Brady Foust and Howard Botts, pages:  16-24


Locational Conflict Analysis: A GIS Approach

Diane Whalley, pages:  25-33


The Impact of the National Health Service Corps Program on Physician Availability in Urban and Rural Areas

Ellen K. Cromley, pages:  34-40


Geographic Aspects of the Management of major Institutions

Jeffrey M. Young, pages:  41-46


Changes in the Spatial Distribution of Northern California’s Sawmill Industry

Bradley T. Cullen, pages:  47- 53


Social Service Priorities from the Perspective of Users: Methodologies and Results

Bill Leon, pages:  54-60


Geography and City Planning Policy: A Chicago Case Study, 1939-1959

Harold Mayer, pages:  61-66


Water Marketing in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas

F. Andrew Schoolmaster, pages:  67-74


The Value of Spatial Decision Support Systems for Oil and Hazardous Chemical Spill Response

Michael D. Gould, pages:  75-81


Methods and Approaches for Assessing the Impacts of Point and Nonpoint Source Pollution on Water Quality: The Trinity River, A Case Study

Kenneth L. Dickson, W. Raymon Arnold, William T, Waller, James H. Kennedy, Jerry F. hall, and Samuel F. Atkinson, pages:  82-89


A Geographic Information System approach to Implementing “Drastic” For Ground Water Protection

Samuel F. Atkinson, Scott W. Walker, Denice M. Shaw, Kimberly J. Evans, pages:  90-98


Desertification and Sustainable Development Issues in Botswana

M. Duane Nellis and Charles E. Bussing, pages: 99 - 106


Assessing Annual Changes in the Sahelian vegetation of Niger

John A. Harrington, Jr., and Bruce K. Wylie, pages:  107-115


Applied and Basic Research at the Laboratory of Climatology and Office of the state Climatologist of Arizona

Anthony J. Brazel and Sandra W. Brazel, pages:  116-121


An Alternative Framework for Setting Soil Conservation Goals

Jonathan D. Phillips, pages:  122-128


Tropical Deforestation: Regional Development or Global Threat?

William B. Wood, pages:  129-136


Federal Response Policy Toward Recurrent Drought in northeast Brazil

Anne Meaney- Leckie, pages:  137-142


Employing the conservation Reserve to Control Agricultural Nonpoint Water Pollution

Christopher L. Lant, pages:  143-151


Development Planning and Monitoring with a Land Information System: A proposed Case Study in the Brazilian Amazon

Bruce E. Kiracofe, pages:  152-158


Video Digitalization of Goes Facsimile Images

Ray Lougeay, pages:  159-163


Establishing a Statewide corporate GIS Database

Timothy R. Johnson, pages:  164-171


The Impact of Standards on the GIS Industry

Ronald D. Exler, pages:  172-182


Applied Geography at the Census Bureau: The Dream is Still alive

Joel Sobel , page:  183


The Spatial Spreadsheet

Donald F. Cooke , page:  184


Conflation: Automated Map Compilation

Alan Saalfield , page:  185


Automated Reconciliation of Pre-Defined Collection Units for Canadian Labor Force Survey

Thomas W. Haythornwaite and David A. Saab, pages:  186-193


Automated Mapping for the Census of Agriculture: Conversion of a Sequential Manual Process to an Automated Parallel Process

Larry Li, Gordon Deecker, and Claude Duguay, pages:  194-198


Planning for 1990 Census Data Collection and Dissemination

Cheryl Landman and Dinah Winn, pages:  199-201


1990 Decennial Census Enumeration Methodology

Marian E. Brady, pages:  202-207


Processing the 1990 Decennial Census

Randy J. Fusaro, pages:  212-214


Highlights of Geographic Coverage and Content for the 1990 Census Data Products Program

Philip N. Fulton and Jane Haines Ingold, pages:  215-217


1990 Decennial Census Publication Amp Products

Leslie Godwin, pages:  218-223


Census Data on Compact Disc

Jim Clark, pages:  224-225


The Content and Format of the Census Bureau’s TIGER/LINE FILE

Peggy Sweeney and John McKay, pages:  226-230


Possible Uses of the Global Positioning System

Raymond J. Hintz, pages:  231-233


Methodological Approaches to Revising the Census Definitions of Urban and Urbanized Areas

Michael Chubb, Mohammad Kamiar, Shwu Fen-Yiin, and Marvel Lang, pages:  234-235


Integrating TIGER with GIS and Travel Demand Models

Don E. Kiel, pages:  236-237


Hierarchical Cells Complexes

Bud P. Bruegger and Andrew U. Frank, pages:  238-240


1990 Census Promotion

Peter A. Bounpane, pages:  241-243


Household Participation in Recycling: An evaluation of Some Policy Questions

Florence M. Lansana, Milton E. Harvey and John W. Frazier, pages:  244-255