Papers and Proceedings of Applied Geography Conferences

Volume 13


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Table of Contents


Impacts of Remote Sensing Spatial Resolution on the Assessment of Non-Point Source Water Pollution Integrated Through a Watershed Response Model and a GIS

Daniel G. Brown, pages: 1-9


Planning as Applied Geography: Specialization and Integration

M. Duane Nellis, Kamlesh Lulla, John M. Briggs, and Charles E. Bussing, pages: 10-15


Scenery Analysis of Viewsheds Utilizing Satellite Imagery

Arthur B. Rex, pages: 16-23


Treeline Migration and Terrain Variability: Integration of Remote Sensing Digital Enhancements and Digital Evaluation Models

Stephen J. Walsh and Nina M. Kelly, pages: 24-32


Generalization of GIS Digital Maps

David E. Catts, pages: 33-36


Simulation of Error in Digital Elevation Models

Peter F. Fisher, pages: 37-43


Diffused Surface Water Use on the Texas High Plains: A Study in Applied Legal Geography

Otis W. Templer, pages: 44-52


A Comparison of Flood Alleviation in Duluth, Minnesota and Thunder Bay, Ontario

Graham A. Tobin and Harun Rasid, pages: 53-61


Global Sea-Level Rise and the North-South Gap

Chand Wije, pages: 62-69


Simple Physical Equations For Estimating Field Scale Erosion

Jonathan D. Phillips, pages: 70-80


Efficiency Analysis of a Computer Company’s Sales Regions

Fred Phillips and John J. Rousseau, pages: 80-87


Patterns of Trade in the Euro-African Trading Region 1975-1988

Lawrence M. Sommers and Assefa Mehretu, pages: 88-95


Tourism as a Form of Regional Economic Development in Wyoming

William J. Gribb, pages: 96-104


Scenic Parkway Planning: Institutional Barriers to Development

Robert L. Janiskee, pages: 111-117


Issues in Managing Medical and Infectious Waste: Strategies for Local Jurisdictions

Marcie A. Katler and K. David Pijawka, pages: 118-126


Flood Risk Insurance Directory Alternatives to Maps

Richard K. Campbell and Priti Mathur, pages: 127-135


Planning for an Emergency Response to an Oil Spill: Building Maps with Tiger/Line Files

Alex H. Benedict, pages: 136-139


Earthquakes in the Urbanized East –- An Acceptable Risk?

Arch C. Johnston, pages: 147-156


Planning as Applied Geography: Specialization and Integration

Harold Mayer, pages: 157-161


Childcare/Eldercare: The Rural Dimension

Norah F. Henry, pages: 162-171


Reorganization of Government services: Consolidations or Voluntary Councils

Morris Budin, pages: 172-182


A Geographic Analysis of Child-Pedestrian Injuries in Hartford, Connecticut

E. K. Cromley, M. Braddock, G. Lapidus, D. Gregorio, and M. Knapp, pages: 183-191


Black Long-Duration Unemployment in the United /states 1981-1988

John B. Fieser, pages: 192-223


Evaluating Branch Bank Sites with a Simple GIS

Brady Foust and Howard Botts, pages: 224-226


Perception of Housing and Community Conditions in a Suburban Settlement of Warsaw, Poland

Allen G. Noble and Anna Achmatowicz-Otok, pages: 227-232


Military Geography: The Common Meeting Ground For All Military Activity

Major James P. Etter, pages: 233-237


Geographic Factors in Zimbabwe’s Low Intensity Conflict

Major Kent Hughes Butts, pages: 238-246


Terrain Effects in Commercial Simulation

Kurt A. Schroeder, pages: 247-254


War in Cities

Patrick O’Sullivan, pages: 255-262