1991, VOLUME 14




Public Response to Flood Control Failure: The Wild Rice-Marsh Rivers Project, Norman County, Minnesota

Harun Rasid and Graham A. Tobin, Pages: 1-11


Forecasting the Direct and Indirect Land Use Impacts of the Bax Project

Henry Moon, Pages: 12-20


The Energy Potential of the Barents Sea Region

Lawrence M. Sommers, Pages: 21-26


Light Rail: Roles in Urban Circulation and Spatial Change

Harold M. Mayer, Pages: 27-31


Railroad Rationalization: The Development of the Regional Railraod

Curtis W. Richards, Pages: 32-38


Metropolitan Constraints to Effective Central-City Housing Policy

Samuel Aryeetey-Attoh and Ronald Randal, Pages: 52-57


Accessory Apartment Conversion: Improving Utilization among the Community Resident Elderly

David P. Varady and Amy Cassedy, Pages: 65-70


The Geographic Information System Strategic Management Initiative in Kansas

M. Duane Nellis, Pages: 71-74


Development of a GIS Support System for Land Use Planning and Management

Owen J. Furuseth and Wei-Ning Xiang, Pages: 75-79


Geography, G.I.S., and the Surveillant Society

John Pickles, Pages: 80-91


An Ethnical Escape from the Political Thicket: The Iowa Model for Electoral Districting

Rex Dean Honey and Douglas Deane Jones, Pages: 92-99


Strategies for Maintaining the Democratic Nature of Geographic Information Systems

Matthew H. Edney, Pages: 100-108


A Geographic Information System for School Districts

Brady Foust and Howard Botts, Pages: 109-114


An Analysis of the Impact of discounters on Retail Mix in Small Towns in Minnesota

David P. Brennan, Kevin S. Rowekamp, and Pamela M. Flottemesch, Pages: 115-120


The Impact of Adult Retailing on Residential Real Estate Values

Phillip T. Kolbe and Kevin D. Kimery, Pages: 121-125


Sites Selected by Albuquerque’s Infant Retailers

Bradley T. Cullen, Pages: 126-131


A Study of the Location of Foreign Acquisitions and New Plant Establishments in the U. S. Market

Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen, Pages: 132-139


North Coast Lake Erie Tourism Destination Planning

Neil J. Andrew, Pages: 140-146


Implementing a Campus Planning Strategy

William A. Muraco, Pages: 147-153


Integrating Water Quality Modeling into a GIS Based Watershed Management System

Charles T. Bridges and John A. McGee III, Pages: 154-160


Computer Assisted Cartographic Representation of Blockface

Tom Haythornthwaite, Pages: 167-174


Oklahoma Lake Assessment Using Multidate Landsat MSS Data

J. A. Harrington, Jr., F. R. Schiebe, J. D. Ross, F. E. Morrison, and W. L. Cauthron, Pages: 175-182


Using the Forest Service as an Information Source for Species Mapping: Corkbark Fir

Lisa M. B. Harrington and John A. Harrington, Jr., Pages: 183-188


Causes of Infant Mortality in Rural Bangladesh: Implications for Policy

Bimal Kanti Paul, Pages: 189-202


Analysis of Gully Evolution in Northeastern Kansas

Role D. Mandel and Iona L. Meyer, Pages: 203-210


Estimated Increases in the Cost of Electricity Under Three Acid-Rain Control Bills

Edward L. Hillsman and Donald R. Alvic, Pages: 211-219