Papers and Proceedings of Applied Geography Conferences

Volume 15

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Table of Contents

Texas Ground Water Law: Changing A Venerable Legal Doctrine

Otis W. Templer, Pages: 1-9


A comparison of Model Predictions for Wind Erosion and Visibility Records at Lubbock, Texas

Jeffrey A. Lee, James M. Gregory and Udai B. Singh, Pages: 10-14


Quality Assurance for GIS Database

Howard Veregin, Pages: 15-21


Applying Remote Sensing Urban Area Detection and Mapping Techniques to the New Orleans Metropolitan Area

Ahmad S. Massasti and Michelle Villemarette, Pages: 22-30


Using GIS to Determine the Location of Corridors

Lisa M. Betts, Pages: 31-38


Transportation and Land Use Planning in El Paso, Texas: A regional Analysis

Robert J. Czerniak, Pages: 39-47


Investigation of Water Quality in Coal Mine Lake Environment of Southwestern Indiana

Randall Repic, Gregory Bierly, John Harrington, Jr. and USDA/ARS National Agricultural Water Quality Lab, Pages: 48-55


Spartina Invasion in the Palix Estuary

Lisa M.B. Harrington, John A. Harrington, Jr. and USDA/ARS National Agricultural Water Quality Lab, Pages: 56-60


A study into the Risk of Sales Variability and its effect on the Success of Strip Shopping Centers

John A. Kilpatrick, Pages: 61-67


Spatial Decision Support Systems for Retail Site Selection

Jay Lee, Pages: 68-74


What has happened to the ‘City Different’? A Santa Fe Case Study

Bradley T. Cullen, Pages: 75-84


Creating a ‘Convex hull’ with GIS: A Better Estimate of Market Area Size and Shape

Brady Foust and Howard Botss, Pages: 85-92


Characteristics of Employees in the Duluth Central Business District

Kurt Schroeder, Pages: 93-101


The Anatomy of a Slum in New Delhi

Suprabha Tripathi, Pages: 102-109


The Diffusion of FM Radio Stations in the United States: 1937-1985

John Colburn, Pages: 110-117


The Effects of Economic and Racial Characteristics in Distinguishing Between High and Low Mortgage Lending Tracts in Cuyahoga County, 1987

Mark A. Welsh, Pages: 118-126