Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences

Volume 16, 1993


Papers published here have all gone through rigorous double-bind peer reviews. The list of reviewers is available upon request. Please contact


Table of Contents


Pindorama: European Agricultural Settlement Scheme, Coastal Northeast Brazil

Keith D. Muller, Pages: 1-7


Benefits and Problems in Using a Side-Channel Reservoir Configuration, Charleston, IL

Vicent P. Gutowski, Pages: 8-16


Location Decisions for Franchisees and Franchisors

B. T. Cullen and R. L. Curtiss, Pages: 17-23


Resolution-Dependent Effects on Classification Accuracy in Remote Sensing

Howard Veregin and Ferdouse Sultanta, Pages: 24-31


Delineation of the Proposed Ohio & Erie Canal national Heritage Corridor Using a Geographic Information System

Laura L. Clark, Pages: 32-36


An Interactive System for Visualization and Exploration of Spatial Data Quality

Howard Veregin, Paul Krause, Robin Pandya and Rebecca Roethlisberger, Pages: 37-45


SCS Wetland Recertification Using SPOT Data

Susan M. Berta and Timothy A. Gress, Pages: 46-49


Modeling the Expansion of Spartina in the Palix Estuary

John A. Harrington, Jr. and Lisa M. B. Harrington, Pages: 50-56


The North American Free Trade Agreement and Its Impact on the Regional Development of the Central Rio Grande Valley

Robert J. Czerniak, Pages: 57-63


Graphic Narratives for Emergency Mapping

Mark MonMonier, Pages: 64-70


Using GIS to Measure Relative Retail Accessibility Differential

W. Paul Gallimore, Pages: 71-79


Louisiana Lottery Play Behavior as a Function of Geographic and Demographic Variability

Pillip S. Kopel, Pages: 80-85


A Neighborhood Outreach Program: Demographic Factors Affecting Site Selection and Adaptation

Linda A. Thompson and Susan McGraw-Helms, Pages: 86-92


Site Analysis, Decision Making and the Analytical Hierarchy Process

A. William Dakan, Pages: 93-98


Communication of Spatial Data During Hurricane Andrew

Ute J. Dymon, Pages: 99-102


Municipal Water Supply Development for Lubbock, Texas: An Ongoing Quest

Otis W. Templer, Lloyd V. Urban and Dan A. Hawkins, Pages: 103-109


GIS-Based Shift-Share Analysis: Applications in Metropolitan Economic Modeling

Daniel Z. Sui, Pages: 110-116


Land Use Planning and Regulations in Britain and Canada Some Associations with Local Democracy

Alan Hallsworth, Pages: 117-122


Managing Location

Ian Clarke, Pages: 123-129


Qualitative Reasoning and Environmental Decision-Making: The Role of Logic Modeling

James K. Lein, Pages: 130-135


Analysis of Network Structure for U.S. Domestic Airline Networks

Jay Lee, Alec Boros and Shih-Lung Shaw, Pages: 136-143