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Police and Local Utility Greenhouse Gas Emissions, or: Why A Coal-Fired Power Plant in A Natural Gas Production Area?

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Potential Impacts for Tennessee from Proposed Changes in Ozone and Particulate Air Quality Standards

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A Policy Framework Governing Informal Settlements in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

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Applications of GIS for Public Surface Water Supply Systems

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An Interactive Approach to Determine the Location of Primary Care Clinics for the Medical College of Ohio Hospitals

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Western Australians’ Perspective on Mining

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Investigation of Seasonal Streamflow Variability in Oregon for Regional Water Quality Monitoring

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U.S. Manufacturing Total Factor Productivity: A Comparison Study between Conventional and Flexible Production Functions

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An Argument for a Common Course Curriculum in Introductory Geography Courses

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Toward a Core Curriculum and Beyond: A Response to Richard G. Boehm’s “An Argument for a Common Course Curriculum in Introductory Geography Courses”

J.W. Lash, Pages: 114-117


Carving Out Geography’s Core Curriculum: Fir or Squishy? A Response to Richard G. Boehm’s “An Argument for a Common Course Curriculum in Introductory Geography Courses”

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A Response to Richard G. Boehm’s “An Argument for a Common Course Curriculum in Introductory Geography Courses”

G. Hausladen, Pages: 120-124


Consistency without Complacency: A Response to Richard G. Boehm’s “An Argument for a Common Course Curriculum in Introductory Geography Courses”

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The Spatial Dynamics of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Northwest Ohio

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Agricultural Intensification and the Economic Role of Domesticated Animals

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The Perception of Climatic Variablity and Its Role in Agricultural Decision-Making in West Central Alberta

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The Role of GIS in the School Redistricting Process: A Case Study of Riverview Gardens School District, St. Louis, Missouri

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Strategies behind Using Clinent-Driven Research on the Walking Security Index (WSI) to Connect Ontology, Epistemology and Praxis in Undergraduate Courses

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Classroom Application of the Environmental Evaluation System Using Decision Support Systems

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Spatial Response Patterns to Stormwater Pollution in an Urbanized Watershed

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Urban Water Supply and Salinity Problems in West Texas

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Aids Diffusion in Kansas Counties: 1981-1997

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Analysis of Urban Income Inequalities in an Integrating Europe: Overcoming the Absence of Comparable Units of Analysis and Economic Data

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Combining Client-Driven and Curiosity-Driven Research in Graduate Programs in Geography: Some Lessons Learned and Suggestions for Making Connections

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Regional Conservation Planning: Protection of Regional Natural Areas and Resource Lands

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The Role of Urban Stream Corridors in Stormwater Management Planning

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Metadata for Geospatially Referenced Cultural and Demographic Data

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Detection of Vegetation and Land Use Change Using a Temporal Change Vector Analysis Method

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Evaluation of IRS Panchromatic Imagery for Updating Urban Geo-Information

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Validating Long-Sequence AVHRR Time Series Data: What Do The Patterns Reveal?

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The Application of Survival Analysis to Spatial Point Patterns

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Evaluation of a Digital Camera as a Low-Cost Airborne Sensor for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing

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Supporting the Planning of Public Library Locations Using Multiple Methods

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Applying Geographic Inforamtion Systems toward the Delineation and Analysis of Prehistoric Landscapes

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Going Virtual with Geographic Information Systems

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Hazardousness of Location: Critical Facilities in the Tampa Bay Region

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A Geographical Examination of Multiple Tornado Touchdowns in Kansas

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A Comparison of Solo Driver and Carpooler Modal Shift to New Rail Transit Lines

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Vertical Structure of Atmospheric Environment and Dead Pine Forest in a Topographically Closed Basin

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Student Paper Competition


GIS Analysis of Tamarix Invasion at Quivira national Wildlife Refuge

T. Payne, Pages: 364-369


The Conjunctive Use of Ground and Surface Water in the Edwards Aquifer Region

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A Longitudinal Analysis of Socioeconomic Impact at Ray Roberts lake, Texas

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The Geography of Heart Disease Mortality in Texas, 1980-1996

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Lung Cancer Mortality in Texas Public Health Regions

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Climate as a Control in Landscape Evolution

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Temporal and Synoptic Analysis of Central Kansas Snow Storms

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Spatial Modeling of Net Radiation over Heterogeneous Terrain

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Modeling Vegetation Recovery in a Disturbed Landscape: Mount St. Helens, Washington

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Representativeness of Columbian Weather Stations in the Holdridge’s Life Zone Model

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