Volume 22


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Table of Contents


In memoriam- Bart J. Epstein 1924-1999

J.W. Frazier, Pages: 1-2


Geographic Implications of Urban Street Sweeping Protocols: The Need for Further Research

R. Brinkmann and G.A. Tobin, Pages: 3-10


Moving Research from Concepts to Operations: Comments on Contract Negotiations for the Walking Security Index (WSI) Pilot Study

B. Wellar, Pages: 11-19


Influence of Agricultural Land Use on Groundwater Geochemistry in a Sand Aquifer

D.L. Ozsvath and P.N. Albertson, Pages: 20-26


An Analysis of Mini-Market Sites in Pricing in Areas of Minority Concentration

E. Tettey-Fio, Pages: 27-36


Defining Minority Concentrations as Urban Policy Tools

J.W. Frazier, Pages: 37-50


An Analysis of Journey-to-Crime for the City of Largo, Florida

S. Reader and T.H. Newsome, Pages: 51-60


A Geographic Information Systems Method for Environmental High Impact Areas (EHIAs) Delineation for Environmental Justice Research

D.A. Padgett and P.L. Robinson, Pages: 61-69


Environmental Data Explorer- An Intelligent Interface for Exploring Unfamiliar Environmental Data Sets

D. Lanter, Pages: 70-76


Creating 2-D and Interactive 3-D Maps for Web-based Delivery

E.S. Nelson, Pages: 77-85


Micro-Topographic Opportunities for Stormwater Management in Urban Landscapes

M.M. Kaufman, Pages: 86-95


E. Pluribus Unum? Not for Geography!

G.J. Hausladen, Pages: 96-99


To Stay or Leave: Resident’s Evaluation on hurricane Evacuation Warnings

K. Dow, P. Burns, and S.L. Cutter, Pages: 107-114


The Impacts of Flooding and Land Use on the Distribution of Lead in Floodplain Sediments

G.A. Tobin, R. Brinkmann, and B.E. Montz, Pages: 115-122


Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Incentives in a Carolina County

H.S. Campbell, Jr., K. Elmquist, B. Evans, M. Meyer, and D. Wrubel, Pages: 123-131


The Derivation of Shopper Typologies in Business Revitalization Zones

L.J. Townshend and W.K.D. Davies, Pages: 132-145


Is Land Degradation an Issue in Western Australia?

B.T. Cullen, Pages: 146-150


A Methodological Exploration of the Use of Remote Sensing in Disaster Research

P.S. Showaleter, Pages: 151-158


Recent Evolution of the Sem Terra (Landless) Movement: Northeast Brazil

K.D. Muller, A. Gomes, and P.R.P. Silva, Pages: 159-164


Downtown Revitalization and Major League Sports: The Emergence of smaller Markets

J.C. Comer and T.H. Newsome, Pages: 165-173


Development of a Geographic Information System Database for the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

R. Stine, R. Papson, and R. Vogel, Pages: 174-181


Tourism Interpretation: A Geographic Application

J.R. Kimmel, Pages: 182-190


Monitoring the Effects of Anthropogenic Disturbance on Perennial Shrubs in the Desert: A Case Study in the Western Mojave Desert, California

M. Starr, Pages: 191-198


Integrating Geographic Information Science (GISc) Techniques in the Data Collection Phase of Poulation- Environment Research

B.G. Frizzelle and S.J. McGregor, Pages: 199-207


GIS and Migratory Songbirds in the Ohio River Valley Ecosystem

D. Morgan and S. M. Berta, Pages: 208-216


Evaluating the Impact of Flood Hazards Using Geographic Information Science and Spatial Analysis

P.P. Siska and D.M. Holzer, Pages: 217-222


Deforestation and Agricultural Extensification in Northeast Thailand: A Remote Sensing and GIS Study of Landscape Structure and Scale

S. J. Walsh, Pages: 223-232


Some comments Concerning the Geography of Inequality and the Middle class in the united States

W. Shaw, Pages: 241-249


Structural and Control Patterns of Depository Institutions in Kentucky

B. Zhou, Pages: 250-258


Educational Accountability: A Spatial Analysis of Contextual Effects in Kentucky

T.C. Pitts and E.B. Reeves, Pages: 259-267


Reusing Location: A Case Study of Gasoline Service Stations

F.A. Schoolmaster, D.I. Lyons, and D.J. Wachal, Pages: 268-274


GIS as a Methodological Framework for Political Redistricting in O’ Fallon, Illinois

P.R. Burger and S.L. Cornwell, Pages: 275-281


Seasonal-Patterns of Airborne Dust in East-Central Illinois

V.P. Gutowski and K.L. Baumann, Pages: 282-288


Approximating the Ratio of Sensible to Latent Heat Flux Over Lake Erie

R.V. Rohli and M.R. Binkley, Pages: 289-295


A Retail/Service Sector Analysis of Inner-City Neighborhoods in Louisville, Kentucky 1999

M. Maginnis, Pages: 298-305


Equity Differences in Urban Subregions: The Case of Blacks and Hispanics in American Urban Counties

B.F. Tinker, Pages: 306-315


The Questions of Articulation Agreements: Implications for Introductory Geography Courses

L.L. Bean, Pages: 316-322


Florida Wildfires 1998-1999 and the Disaster-Response- Recovery-Disaster Cycle

D.A. Hueber, Pages: 323-331


Rural Land Cover classification using Multi-Temporal Sar Imagery

J.M.S. Hutchinson and B.C. Rundquist, Pages: 332-340


Franchise Success and the Location of Sport Facilities

F.W.  Salmon, Pages: 341-350


Influences of Agricultural Change and the conservation Reserve Program on grassland Bird Populations in southwestern Kansas

K.A. Klimstra, Pages: 351-359


The Distribution of Physicians and Hospital Beds in Kansas

H. Fang, Pages: 360-365


A Comparison of Region Building Methods Used to Examine Human-Environment Interactions in Nang Rong District, northeast Thailand

T.W. Crawford, Pages: 366-373


Rural to Urban Conversion: Landscape Modeling in the Ecuadorian Amazon

J.P. Messina, Pages: 374-382


Change Detection of wetlands in Kansans: A Case Study of Rattlesnake Sub-Basin, 1978-1998

J. Gao and N. Leathers, Pages: 383-390


Identifying Rural Counties with High Risk of Periodontal Disease Prevalence: A Case Study of Missouri

R.P. Gariglietti, Pages: 391-397


Colonization, Comunas, and Reserves: Assessing Land Use and Land Cover Charge in Indigenous Communities of Northeastern Ecuador

G. Valdiva, Pages: 398-406


Modeling Landcover change associated with Road corridors in Northeast Thailand: Integrating Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices and Accessibility Surfaces

K.A. Crews-Meyer, Pages: 407-416


Spatial and Statistical Analyses of Kansas Tornadoes

K.L. Frank, Pages: 417-421


Analyzing Leaking Underground Storage Tank Locations: A Denton, Texas Case Study

D.J. Wachal, Pages: 422-431