Papers in Applied Geography
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  Volume 1, Issue 1  
  • From Applying Geography to Applied Geography  (Jay Lee and Daniel Sui)

  • Applied Geography: Then and Now (John W. Frazier)

  • Applied Geography from the Perspective of the Administration in Public Universities and Colleges (Risa Palm)

  Application Papers  
  • Examining the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) at 20: Foundation, Appraisal, and Future (Denise Blanchard )

  • Community Gardening in St. Louis: A Micro-Scale Analysis of What Was Grown (Dean Gunderson and Gillian Anderson )

  • Comparison of the Recent Drought in Texas to the Drought of Record Using Reanalysis Modeling (Kent M. McGregor )

  • Urban Sprawl and the Loss of Peri-Urban Land: A Case Study of Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand (Paporn Thebpanya and Istiak Bhuyan)

  • Evaluation of Geo-Tagged Photo-Video Logging Methods to Collect Geospatial Highway Inventory Data (Mohammad Jalayer, Shunfu Hu, Huaguo Zhou, and Rod E. Turochy)

  • Horizontal Accuracy Assessment of Global Positioning System Data from Common Smartphones (Tyler W. Jones, Luke Marzen, and Art) Chappelka)

  • Measuring Cropland Change: A Cautionary Tale (Chris Laingen )

  • Food Access and Opportunity in Rural Southern Illinois: A GIS Analysis (Charles D. Yeager )

  • An analysis of Air Masses Associated with Federal Ozone Exceedances across St. Louis, Missouri: 2001-2010 (Mark L. Hildebrandt)

  • Analyzing the Effect of Neighborhood Characteristics on the Spatial Pattern of Primary Care Physician Locations in Hillsborough County, Florida (Huairen Ye and Hyun Kim )

  • The Relationship between the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Tropical Cyclone Tornado Clusters (Richard W. Dixon and Todd W. Moore)

  • Pre-service Teachers and Geography Education in Colorado (Steve Jennings)

  • Potential management of Mountain Environments Using Summit Registers (Clayton J. Whitesides )

  • Scale and Public Health: Missouri’s Cigarette Tax Rate (Kevin) Romig and Kathleen Spears

  • Siting Carbon Conversion Energy Facilities with Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (Jeffrey D. Hamerlinck and Scott N. Lieske)

  • Back from the Brink: How Hunter’s Sustain Montana’s Wildlife (Ryan D. Bergstrom, Katherine J. Hansen, and Shannon V. Taylor )