Papers in Applied Geography

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  Volume 1, Issue 2  
  Application Papers  
  • Space-Time Patterns of Respiratory Cancer Incidence and Mortality, Kentucky 1969-2011 (Timothy S. Hare )

  • Hispanic Population in Washington State: Demographic Change and Spatial Clustering (Kerry R. Brooks and Dick G. Winchell )

  • Projecting Regional Sustainability Trends Using Geospatial Analytics (James Lein )

  • Previous Experience and Tornado Preparedness in Dekalb County, Alabama (Philip L. Chaney )

  • The Role of Point Source Aerosol Emissions on Atmospheric Convective Activity in the Vicinity of Power Plants in Georgia, USA (Neil Debbage, Jordan McLeod, Jared Rackley, Linli Zhu, Thomas L. Mote, and Andrew J. Grundstein)

  • Assessing Impacts of Urban Expansion on Coastal Ecosystems Based on Different Growth Scenarios (Kang Shou Lu, Jeffery S. Allen, Guoxiang Liu, and Xiaofeng Wang)

  • Weak Foundations: The Failure of Equilibrium-Based Population Growth Forecasts (William Graves and Jonathan Kozar )

  • Community Access to General Aviation Admist Airport Closures, 1991-2011 (Jonathan C. Comer and Thomas A. Wikle )

  • Regional and Racial Disparity of Preterm Birth Prevalence (Scott Markley and Wei Tu)

  • Geography of Infrastructure Functionality at Schools in Nigeria: Evidence from Spatial Data Analysis across Local Government (Belinda Archibong and Vijay Modi)

  • Halloween 2013: Another "100-Year" Storm and Flood in Central Texas (Richard A. Earl, Tyler R. Jordan, and Dana M. Scanes )

  • Third Sector Organizations, Population Dynamics, and Changing Vulnerabilities Following the 2011 Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand (Nicole S. Hutton, Graham A. Tobin, and Linda M. Whiteford )

  • A Spatial-Temporal Analysis and Description of Hurricane Ivan’s (2004) Tornado Clusters (Todd W. Moore and Richard W. Dixon)