Papers in Applied Geography

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  Volume 1, Issue 3  
  Application Papers  
  • Building A Low-Cost Geographic Website for Collecting Citizen Science Contributions (David A. Parr and Michael Scholz )

  • Recharge Estimations for Laguna Pond at Freeman Ranch, San Marcos, Texas (Erin Dorothea Dascher and Harrison Flores-Ortiz)

  • Cave Density of the Greenbrier Limestone Group, West Virginia (Lee Stocks Jr. and Andrew Shears)

  • Taking Advantage of the Improved Availability of Census Data: A First Look at the Gridded Population of the World, Version 4 (GPWv4) (Erin Doxsey-Whitfield, Kytt MacManus, Susana B. Adamo, Linda Pistolesi, John Squires, Olena Borkovska, and Sandra R. Baptista)

  • Edwards Aquifer Region Stakeholder Frame Analysis (William G. Adams, R. Denise Blanchard, and Richard A. Earl)

  • Spatial Relationship and Colocation of Crimes in Jefferson County, Kentucky (Max Pope and Wei Song)

  • Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis of the Distribution of Multiple Crimes: A Case Study of Three Coastal Cities (Sunhui Sim and Andy Miller)

  • Determinants of Migration for the 67 Counties of Florida Before and After the Great Recession (Evelyn Ravuri)

  • Exploring and Addressing Functional Map Illiteracy in Community College Students (Monika M. Bachmann)

  • Geographic Patterns of Years of Potential Life Lost for Mahoning County, Ohio Census Tracts 2010 (LaShale D. Pugh)

  • Crime on the Concrete Campus: An Examination of Crime Patterns around the Georgia State University Campus (Steven P. Ericson)

  • Impact of Natural Processes and Human Activities on Groundwater Quality in Negombo-Muthurajawela Region in Sri Lanka (C. M. Kanchana N. K. Chandrasekara, K.D.N. Weerasinghe, Sumith Pathirana, and Ranjana U.K. Piyadasa)

  • Measuring Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Non-Violent Crime Using Multiple Methods (Falguni Mukherjee and Vijayaprabha Rajendran)

  • Characterization of Atmospheric Saharan Dust Plumes Using Remote Sensing Hyperspectral Imagery for Public Health (Kyle Mattingly, Bradford Johnson, and Al Fischer)

  • A Geographic Perspective on the Walmart Neighborhood Market (Lawrence G. Joseph)