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Frequently asked questions:

Who needs to do a term project?

Students who wish to gain practical experience in GIS operations and research may choose to carry out term projects. Alternatively, students who wish to attempt for extra credits in the class may choose to carry out term projects.

How should I prepare the report for my term project?

A written report detailing each step should be submitted on or before the stated deadline. Ideas for term projects may come from past students, your thesis/dissertation work, GIS web sites, GIS magazines or research journals, etc. The written report should be double-spaced typed and limited to 20 pages or less, inclusive of figures and tables. This report should have all components as outlined below. In the body of the report you are to present a thorough discussion of the data, the analysis, problems encountered and the solutions/findings. The report must include a title page, abstract, table of content, and a bibliography. As the reports will be graded somewhat subjectively and loosely based on their levels of usefulness, students are advised to seek for in priori approval from the instructor and to include the following sections with exact titles:

  • Title page (project title, abstract, student name, and email address)

  • Introduction (up to 2 pages)

  • Problem statements (up to 2 pages)

  • Data collection and assembly (up to 5 pages)

  • Analytical methodology and procedures (up to 5 pages)

  • Results and discussion (up to 5 pages)

  • Concluding remarks (up to 2 pages)

  • Cited references (list only cited references)

How is my report graded?

Reports will be graded based on

  • Use of appropriate data sources
  • Proper use of data analysis techniques
  • Analytical methodology
  • Grammar, spelling
  • Report structure (abstract, table of content, bibliography, etc.)

Last Updated on August 18, 2005