Urban Sprawl as a Geographically Diffusing Phenomenon

Quantitative modeling and prediction of urban sprawl using parcel-level data of over 180 years in Geauga County, Ohio.  This project

  1. Models spatiotemporal patterns of land conversion
  2. Examines land conversion with a marketing perspective

Comments/suggestions are welcome for this on-going project.

Urban Growth Simulation - Northeast Ohio EMPACT Project

This project was funded by US EPA, Region V and Westlake Office. The NE Ohio EMPACT website (retired in 2012) is based on works done by the Data Management Workgroup.  This website includes

  1. A literature review for existing urban growth models and environmental impact assessment,
  2. A website that inventories the data sets about NE Ohio that are available or accessible via Internet from NEOEDEN,
  3. Demonstrations of a 7-county regional study and a sub-regional case study.

Software UGS was used in México  [Presentation]