Urban Crime Simulator
  • Funded by SCRA/NIJ, the Urban Crime Simulator (UCS) can be used to simulate changes in crime rates in urban neighborhoods. It uses the analog approach to estimating changes in crime rates based on user input on how neighborhood characteristics are changing. The UCS also has a suite of tools for data mining such that users can understand better how each neighborhood attribute change within the neighborhood and how the estimates are best interpreted.
  • UCS requires a licensed installation of ArcEnging 9.x or newer.
  • Website for UCS info and downloads is: UrbanCrimeSimulator\index.htm.  
Urban Growth Simulator
  • Funded by EPA under the EMPACT program, the Urban Growth Simulator (UGS) was developed to facilitate simulating urban growth at neighborhood level. It has four tools built in for growth management tools that allow users to simulate urban growth in any combination.
  • UGS (and a simple user's guide) can be downloaded from: http://gis.kent.edu/ftp/EMPACT/KSUUGS.iso.
  • Web-functioning UGS server was retired in 2012.
  • An example of using UGS by 1 of over 250 users can be found in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnVItzj7jCQ.
KSUMAP - A Web-Based GIS Data Viewer
  • This web site was developed by David Fuhry from the Advanced GIS class. KSUMAP provides an interactive tool for visitors to upload their GIS data, in shapefile format, for display.
  • Web-functioning server was retired in 2010.
  • This KSU GIS FTP site provides access to a wide range of data sets that can be incorporated into GIS database.
  • Ftp site was retired in 2013.