VOLUME 36, 2013




Preliminary Analysis of the Synoptic-Scale Environment Associated with Tropical

Cyclone Tornado Clusters, 1995-2010

Todd W. Moore and Richard W. Dixon .. 1


Communicating Kansas Climate and Climate Change: Initial Development of a Web- Based Resource

Ram Raghavan and John Harrington, Jr. 11


Marketing American Microbrews: Promoting Neolocalism One Map at a Time

Matthew T. Pattern and Adam J. Mathews ... 17


Stream Restoration and Hydrochory: Seed Pool Variation in Restored and Degraded

Reaches of the Kissimmee River, Florida

Scott H. Markwith . 27


A Geo-Temporal Analysis of the Conservation Reserve Program: Net vs. Gross Change,


Chris Laingen 37


The Impacts of Natural Revegetation of Abandoned Mine Land on Changing Land Use

Patterns in Southeast Kansas

Catherine A. Hooey and Timothy J. Bailey .. 47


Considering the Heritage of Place in Consultation with Indigenous Peoples

Roxanne T. Ornelas ... 55


Hazard Characterization of Induced Seismicity in Eastern Ohio: A Scenario Analysis

Using Hazus-MH

James Lein . 64


Lidar-Based Detection of Shrubland and Forest Land Cover to Improve Identification of

Golden-Cheeked Warbler Habitat

Jennifer L. R. Jensen, Sandra Irvin, and Adam Duarte . 74


Forest Changes on Pikes Peak, Colorado as Interpreted through Repeat Photography

Steve Jennings ... 83


Historical Channel Change of Vermillion Creek, Kansas, USA between 1937 and 2013

Rhett L. Mohler . 92


Validation of the Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN) Water-Surface Model

Zhixiao Xie, Zhangwei Liu, and Yingru Li ... 98




Remote Sensing of Evapotranspiration in Florida Using Dry Pixel Calibration

Aaron Evans 107


Mapping Geographic Literacy in Texas

Jeff Lash .. 117


The Economic Importance of Hunting in Southwestern Montana

Ryan D. Bergstrom, Shannon V. Taylor, and Katherine J. Hansen .... 127


A Contingent Valuation of Tampas Urban Forest

Alec Foster and Graham A. Tobin .. 137


Applications of Gravity Modeling to Evaluate Dine-In Restaurant Location and

Competitiveness Using a Representative Sample, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Joel P. Dock and Wei Song . 146


Influence of Long- and Short-Term Climatic Changes on Chernozem Soils: Central

Chernozem Region of Russia

Yury G. Chendev, Anthony R. Lupo, Aleksandr N. Petin, and Maria G.

Lebedeva 156


The Sunshine State, GDP, and the DMSP-OLS: Time Series Trend Case Study

Dolores Jane Forbes 165


Chinese FDI in the US: A State Level Analysis of the Geography of FDI and FDI Per


Jeremy Bennett and Jay D. Gatrell .. 174


The Implementation of GIS in Secondary Education in the State of Maryland

Heather Holst and Paporn Thebpanya . 183


Opportunities for Integrating Geospatial Technology across University Environmental

Science Courses

Emariana Taylor, Chris Blackwood and Patrick Lorch ... 192


Investigating Aquatic Invasive Species Propagation within the Adirondack Region of New

York: A Lake and Landscape Approach

Richard R. Shaker and Charles J. Rapp ... 200


Localism and American Broadcasting in the Age of Satellite Television

Jonathan C. Comer and Thomas A. Wikle .. 210


Deriving Measures and Profiles of Wetland Features from LIDAR LAS Datasets

Janet Gritzner and Bruce V. Millett .... 220


Spatial Statistical Characterization of Differences between Major Respiratory Diseases across Central Appalachia

Timothy S. Hare, Chad Wells, Barbara J. Pridemore, Porsha Smith, and Nicole

Johnson .... 228


Pre-Service Teacher Preparation in Illinois: A Case Study

Gillian Acheson ... 237

Prototype Global Coding Political Geographies for Library and Data Management Wikipedia Example

Thomas J. Christoffel .. 246


The Price is Right? Food Availability and Affordability in Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Stacey R. Brown .. 256


The Learning Cluster Model (LCM) as A Means of Extending the Capabilities of An

Online Professional Development System in Geography

Carmen P. Brysch and Richard G. Boehm .. 264


Can You Really Walk There from Here? A Case Study of Walkability at Mockingbird

Station in Dallas, Texas

Owen Wilson-Chavez and Murray D. Rice . 271


Retail Change and Light Rail: An Exploration of Business Location Changes

Accompanying Commuter Rail Development in Denton, Texas

Trevor Yarbrough and Murray D. Rice ... 281


Estimating Tree Canopy Foliar Volume Using Terrestrial LiDAR

Clint Harper, Nate Currit, and Jennifer Jensen .... 290


The Edwards Aquifer and Changes in the San Antonio, Texas Water Supply, 1993-2013

Richard A. Earl, David A. Parr, and Eddi Wilcut ... 299


Maps and Locals: Using Landsat Image Analysis to Document Eastern Red Cedar

Expansion in the Northern Flint Hills

Bryanna Pockrandt, John Harrington, Jr., and Shawn Hutchinson . 309


The Relationship between Land Cover and Temperature in the Auburn Opelika, Alabama Urban Area

Andrew W. Hug, Chandana Mitra, Yingru Li, Luke J. Marzen .. 316


Influence of Surface Land Cover on the Urban Heat Island Intensity within Metropolitan

Jefferson County, Kentucky

Jeremy Sandifer ... 323


Comparative Analysis of Attitudes Towards Water Management Decision-Making in

Western North Carolina

Christopher A. Badurek, Robin Hale, and Kristan Cockerill .. 332


Data Fusion of LiDAR and Optical Imagery for Coastal Vegetation Mapping in South

Florida Using an Object-Oriented Approach

Georgia H. De Stoppelaire .. 339


Analysis of Ground-Level Ozone in Granite City, Illinois

Mark L. Hildebrandt and Alex McBride . 348


Precipitation Variability Trends in Texas, 1932 2011

Rebecca K. Parylak and Richard W. Dixon .... 358


Business Clustering in Knowledge-Based Industries in the Austin-Round Rock, Texas, Metropolitan Statistical Area

Eric Clennon, R. Denise Blanchard, and T. Edwin Chow .. 367

Sultry in Charm City: Shifting Probabilities of Hot Days in Baltimore 1899 to 2012

Kent Barnes . 377


Area Disparities of Obesity, Non-Fresh Food Outlets, and Fitness Centers

Jay Lee, Mohammad Al Nasralla, Everett Logue, and Heather Beaird .. 385


A Demonstration of ArcGIS Network Analyst for Criterion-Based Bicycle Route Selection on Existing Road Networkd

Kathleen D. Seal . 396


Demographic Changes and Gentrification in Washington, D.C. between 2000 and 2010

Cinthia Josette Arvalo, Blint Pető, Agustina Suaya and Michael M. Mann 406


Taste Paradise: Tropical North Queensland as a Gastronomic Tourism Destination

Deborah Che, Rose Wright, and Robyn Rae ... 415


Coping with Menieres Disease: Identification of Places with Fewest Weather Changes

Kent M. McGregor .. 423


The Impacts of School District Spending: Exploring the Connection between School

District Expenditures and Graduation Rates in Virginia

Amber Boykin, Michael Gaskins, Sarah Jackson, Christine McDonnell, Michael L.

Mann 432


Area Health Disparities Based on Death Certificates: A Case Study of Census Tracts in

Summit County, Ohio

Gordon A. Cromley, Mohammad Al Nasrallah, Jay Lee, and Heather Beaird ... 441


GIS Analysis of Power Plant Carbon Dioxide Emission Inventory Databases in the

Continental US

Maya G. Hutchins and Christopher A. Badurek .. 451


Urban Expansion and Environmental Parameters A Case Study of Huntsville, Alabama

Mahjabin Rahman, Chandana Mitra, Luke J. Marzen, and Yingru Li .... 458


Chinatown, Ethnoburb, or Invisiburb? Settlement Patterns of Chinese Migrants to Texas

Melissa E. Holmes and Sarah A. Blue .... 467


Analysis of Impacts of Removing the Fort Loudoun Dam on Upstream Residential

Property Values in Tennessee

Jeffrey C. French and Christopher A. Badurek ... 478


Examining the Impact of Spatial Measures on Residential Property Prices in the Toronto


Maurice Yeates, Tony Hernandez, and Paul Du . 485


A GIScience Approach to Urgent Care Facility Site Selection in Nebraska

Paul Burger, Brett Chloupek, and H. Jason Combs .... 495


Measuring Temporal Displacement of Non-Violent Crime

Vijayaprabha Rajendran and Falguni Mukherjee 505